Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Hi everyone!

Daisy-May is obsessed with chickens! She can even say 'chickens' quite clearly now. While she was having her evening cereal before bed, she was watching the dales programme with Grampy. There were chickens on there and she went wild with excitement and kept saying 'chickens'.

It's a good job that we have three of them in our back garden

One comment to reply to and I'm off to do some housework.

Frugal in Bucks - we have planted the 'living' lettuce from asda and they're going really well. The tomato plants have just started to flower and we've got carrots, cabbage and beans growing too. The cucumbers I started off in the window have failed : (

Our strawberry plant spread out last year and we replanted the new ones and now we have loads of strawberries. 

Forgot to say... Daisy slept until 7 this morning!!!!!!!

Mandy x 

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  1. Hi Mandy,
    I have had some success with reduced price herbs from Asda too, when they've been selling the potted ones off for a few pence on the whoops bit ive bought them, trimmed them down, repotted them and they've lasted ages.
    I too used to have 2 chickens but as we kept them very near to the house just off the patio hubby wasn't too happy as we used to get a lot of rats so I gave them to a neighbour who lives over the road but he has loads of land and his house backs onto fields, he already had six chickens so welcomed these. I was very sad to see them go though, and do miss the fresh eggs every morning.
    Glad Daisy is sleeping better now, it will get easier, it seems a constant struggle doesn't it, I used to constantly think "Im too old to be doing this" but so glad we did, Im so proud of Daniel. I was especially proud of him yesterday he received a Platinum award for being the pupil who has tried their hardest this year out of the whole school. Hes also had a fantastic report card so I feel he deserves a treat come payday.
    He wasn't the brightest child in his class but this past year hes really come on in leaps and bounds and all of his teachers have recognised this.
    Well I too better get to the housework, I have a mountain of ironing but its far too hot to be tackling that just yet.
    take care, jane