Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Harvesting the strawberries!

Hi everyone!

I am not a natural gardener, but my OH has had success in the past. In our last house, most of the garden was dug up for vegetable growing, but in this house we have lacked motivation to grow. When you think how much money can be saved by growing your own, this sounds silly, but the ground here is bad. We have two raised beds/plots for growing and they are finally doing well. We also grow in containers on the patio. Last year I tried to get into growing my own, but lots of things failed (especially my beans and new potatoes) and this disheartened me. This year we were a little late planting, but we have veg growing in the garden now! I took Sue's (our new life in the country) advice and bought and planted out the 'living' lettuces. These have down really well and we are enjoying them, thanks Sue!

One thing that has done really well this year is our strawberries. Daisy loves them! She went out with Grampy after tea and picked a huge tub full. She has them whizzed in her blender and drizzled over her soya ice-cream for pudding. 

My coriander is doing well on the kitchen window. I love cooking with coriander and fresh is so much better.

Loo - it certainly feels good to get rid of stuff doesn't it? We are normally at a carboot sale buying rather than selling though! I'll do one more I think for now.

Sue - you always do really well at carboot sales! You're the one who has inspired me to take one area at a time and declutter. I was worried that I'd miss things, but it really clears the mind. One area that I'm still struggling with is books. I've sorted and sold quite a few, but we still have lots! We love books here and read every day but I will never have the time to get through all that fiction!
You're right, the cash is handy and it has gone into our savings tins.

Frugal in Bucks - I will be posting our meals up, but not the food stocks audit updates. I too get bored of the same meals and it has put me off cooking in the past. Frugal Queen made me believe it was worth continuing my blog, as I never received much interest in the past (I know you've been here for a while Loo). Since that post, I have page views, comments and followers! She will always be an inspiration to a lot of people I'm sure. I have popped over to your blog and I'm a follower! I will be having a good read later!

The nutty squares recipe is coming up...

Thank you to everyone who has read or left a comment xxx

Mandy x  

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  1. Hi Mandy.
    Don't you dare stop blogging now that ive found you!
    I have to say yours is a lovely down to earth blog and one I will now be following everyday.
    I wish we had a glut of strawberries, I have a couple of wild strawberry plants but nothing like enough to keep me in strawberries even for a day.
    I have to confess ive spent 95% of the food budget that I had for the rest of this month until next payday (26th of the month) this afternoon on fruit. I bought LOADS, I have been doing quite well on my diet while ive been having my fruit every day but hadn't any in the house sonce the weekend and have gained 2lb back. I think its because ive been eating other things to compensate for having no fruit to nibble on and even had a cheese toastie for my tea yesterday (ooooppps) I haven't really eaten bread or cheese for quite a few weeks now except the odd pitta pocket so this wont have helped with the weight gain.
    If I have any excess fruit that needs usuing up it gets blitzed into a smoothie as I hate waste, especially when fruit is so expensive.
    I really do wish I liked the cheaper fruits like apples, oranges and pears but im afraid my tastes are expensive, strawberries. watermelon, kiwi, pineapple and especially blueberries. I did put the two tiny packs of blueberries back into the fridge at the supermarket today as I realised they had tubs of frozen blueberries about 4 times the amount for the same price (£2) as the fresh.
    Hopefully the weight will start to shift again now.
    Its been a very hot week here except for today which has been overcast and dull all day but tomorrows forecast is for the sun to return and it to stay at least until the weekend (heres hoping).
    Well better get something done before I can settle down with my book, Hubby just gone to work for 12 hour nightshift so just me and Daniel here, and he will be in bed shortly after his supper and bath.
    take care. jane x