Monday, 29 July 2013

Life's hard but we pick ourselves up and keep going.

Hi everyone!

Thank you for the comments left on my last post.

Alex - thank you for your kind words.

Every one of us in this family has been through a lot in our lives, even Daisy. She fought on to survive in the womb, growing very slowly, but growing, so she got to stay there a bit longer! We were so pleased to get past each week of her pregnancy, so her lungs would be able to cope a bit better. We were so excited to get to 23 weeks and each week after that until she was born naturally a month early. She was very closely monitored by our wonderful maternity unit in Banbury and came through ok in the end. She inherited lactose intolerance from her mummy. She hasn't got a daddy and her mummy lives elsewhere. Mummy contacted me last night after a week of not hearing from her, not even when I informed her of Daisy's allergic reaction!

Daisy's problems I can 'talk' about here, but not much else... horrific crimes took place, that's all I'm saying...and that we are all survivors!

I know that every family deals with stuff day in day out and don't want to sound selfish...I no longer wallow in my own self-pity because life is too short and we need to make it good for our children and grandaughter.

Loo - Thank you for your kind words.

I don't think it matters what the item is, if it holds sentimental value to you then it is important. The photos in this house are the only thing (apart from Daisy's room) that are properly organised! I think we need to keep on supporting each other in this quest for a tidy and uncluttered home! I think that I am changing slowly though, because I see things around the house that are beginning to annoy me now and they need to go!

Taaleedee - I had a back injury six years ago that flares up my muscles every now and then and I am disabled until I recover fully which can take weeks. I would be devastated if that happened now because I am in a mess and my family would not find anything! My lovely husband is currently suffering from screeding a floor - he has a bad back and is off work (must be bad because he rarely takes time off, he's self-employed). I am really careful not to do heavy lifting when decluttering and sorting.

Lors - I tried Flylady, but you get so many emails! I save so much stuff to preserve the memories because I compensate for what I haven't got. My children are old enough to decide for themselves what is and isn't kept, but I would check a pile for the bin, just-in-case there was something I wanted to keep! We don't want Daisy to grow up thinking that her mummy (and daddy) didn't care, so we are doing our best to create visual memories that she can look at later even though she won't actually remember them.


Daisy's waking up now so I'll have to go, but I'll be back with what we ate last week and my carboot treasures (all justified and needed!)

Thanks for reading

Mandy x

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  1. Hi Mandy,

    You don't come across as selfish at all. Yes, we all have 'stuff going on' but it's important that we deal with with our stuff - that isn't being selfish. Especially since your husband is down at the moment with an injury, you really need to take care of yourself and your immediate family ie Daisy and if anyone views that as selfish, that is their issue, not yours.

    Focus on number one, because if number one is out of action, then you're unable to care for your husband and Daisy.

    Don't worry about the clutter, deal with that once your husband is back up and running, it's not going anywhere :o)

    Please don't change the photo at the top of your blog, I think it speaks a million words about who you are.

    Be gentle on yourself. This is your life too :o)