Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My car boot haul...

Hi everyone!

On Saturday, Charlotte, Daisy and I went to our favourite car boot sale in Finmere. It was packed with sellers and we got some good bargains.

Charlotte bought loads of clothes for her holiday and other stuff too.

Daisy got:

2 x wooden puzzles   40p

a Tigger notebook  10p

pink top          50p

pink spotty top  50p

lilac polka dot dress   50p

cuddly dog    50p

small cuddly dog   FREE

wooden duck   50p

rattle/mirror   50p

musical dog toy   50p

duck book   50p

cow book   FREE

10 x chicken magazines   £1

floral dress   50p

Pooh bear photo frame  £1 (new)

activity cube   20p

I got a scarf and a top for £1.50

My total spend was: £8.70

Justifying what I brought into my already cluttered home! - Daisy hasn't got any puzzles yet and she is becoming interested in picking small things up. Puzzles help to develop her fine-motor skills. She LOVES anything pooh bear etc, and she likes to make marks in my note book, so now she has her own and it has tigger on the front! She has several dresses that need a pink top underneath and she only has white and they don't look right. The dress will be worn as a nighty in this warm weather as it is too hot for pjs or babygros. Daisy is obsessed with Morgan the basset hound from the edf energy advert, so she saw the dog with floppy ears and I had to get it! The little dog was a gift from a teenage girl that Charlotte bought a lot of clothes from. The cow book was free because I bought the other toys from one seller. Daisy is getting bored of her toys, so I change them around for her, then the old ones seem like new again! She loves anything farm animal especially chickens! Grampy buys Daisy a chicken/smallholding magazine when he goes to the garage, but we found ten for £1. Those will keep her happy for a long time. The floral dress is thin cotton for the warm weather and pooh bear frame is for in her bedroom. The cube is good for exploring and was only 20p. I wear scarves all the time because I hate my neck and the tunic top is to go with my leggings.

There, everything useful!


Alex - thank you for your kind words and advice. Someone once said to me that if the mother falls apart, then so does her family. My husband is slowly on the mend and keen to return to work. I've told him to take it easy!

My daughter took that photo - the natural ones are always better I think, doing what I love...baking cakes! Sadly not much time for that and Daisy is scared of my mixer!


Have a good day!

Mandy x

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  1. Hi Mandy,
    you got some great bargains at the weekend. We went to out local one on Sunday but didn't get much at all. I bought 20 microwaveable containers for freezing extra portions of foods for £1 (stall selling new hardware goods),a large 100ft roll of tin foil (same stall) and 4 packs of back bacon for £5 from the meat van. I didn't actually get anything from the second hand part of the bootsale so quite a disappointing morning really.
    The best sales are when I go with hardly any money but find loads of cheap bargains (as you did) and come home feeling quite good about my new treasures.
    We were supposed to be having a new bathroom suite fitted as from last Thursday but unfortunately the plumber collapsed with a heart attack on the Friday after having only taken out the old suite on Thursday. He was rushed to hospital and we were left with no bathroom. We have since managed to find someone else to fit the new suite but he has had to attend to other jobs so cant come back to complete the job until the weekend. We now fortunately have a working bathroom again, just no bath panels on the tub, no bathroom door on, no tiles on the walls, nothing on the bare floorboards and no radiator as its being replaced with a heated towel rail.
    He will do what he can between his other jobs but we are just grateful for what he could do in the short time he had and at such short notice.
    I have managed to wangle 3 days off work as I have gotten so far behind with washing, ironing and cleaning so even though im on holiday it certainly wont be a relaxing one I will be catching up with neglected jobs.
    We still have loads of stuff to buy to get the bathroom finished so finances are going to be stretched to the limit this month. Fortunately I have plenty of bulk food stores so we should be OK.
    Unfortunatley the weather here has changed and we have had rain for the last few days so its back to having to use the dryer for the wet washing and having to put radiators on for a hour in the evening, I was loving the mini heatwave we were having as it was saving us so much money on the fuel bills.
    Take care, jane xx