Monday, 15 July 2013

What we ate last week...

Hi everyone!

This is what we ate last week:

Monday - chicken salad with new potatoes

Tuesday - chicken pasta

Wednesday - quiche, mini jacket potatoes and peas

Thursday - quiche, new potatoes and salad

Friday - chicken breast, wedges and sweetcorn

Saturday - cheese on toast

Sunday - ham salad and new potatoes

There was a lot of chicken meals last week, but a little goes a long way in this house because I cut it up to stretch it out. Let me know if anyone wants the chicken pasta recipe, it was very tasty and cheap to make with leftover cooked chicken. the quich also did two days, but we don't mind eating the same thing twice. Saturday was so hot that we couldn't face a cooked meal and I didn't want to be in a hot kitchen! Yesterday's salad was lovely (made by OH). 

We are getting loads of strawberries now and I gave a tub full to my son and his girlfriend. They came to visit (as they always do on Sunday) with goodies for us too. There was new clothes for Daisy all the way from America, from Harriet's parents and they also gave us a huge cabbage and bag of broad beans from their garden. Fresh garden produce tastes so much nicer than supermarket bought fruit and veg and the smell of our strawberries is lovely. A nice little top-up to our veg this week - very thrifty!

Until next week...

Mandy x  

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  1. We eat a lot of chicken too. Same as you, with lots of salad. We grow lettuce, rocket and mixed salad leaves and they are so easy. It's saves a fortune as I never just buy salad at the shops. Strawbs are going great here too. I love the way they spread so we get more plants every year.