Tuesday, 23 July 2013

What we ate last week...

Hi everyone!

Sorry this is late up, but Daisy was struggling in the heat yesterday so didn't find chance to blog.

Monday - Veggie rice

Tuesday - Chinese chicken

Wednesday - Burger, chips and salad

Thursday - Veggie lasagne

Friday - Sausage, boiled potatoes, cabbage, broad beans, carrots and gravy

Saturday - Indian takeaway

Sunday - Cheese on toast

The veggie rice was lovely, as was the chinese chicken and veggie lasagne. The Indian takeaway was a special treat to our lovely daughter who completely arranged for us to see Paul Weller in Northampton the night before. It was paid for out of money that she had owed me (not the household budget). Sunday was a very simple cheese on toast to take away some of the guilt. We didn't purchase any food or drink while we were at the gig because we ate tea before we left and took drink with us.

We have been shopping on Sunday and I'm buying a lot less of the packet things, trying hard to eat as much fresh as possible and less meat too.

What have been your favourite meals last week?

Mandy x

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