Monday, 1 July 2013

Frugal tea-time...a recipe

Hi everyone!

Here's a frugal recipe for you:

Vegetable Risotto

frozen peas
pinch of herbs
chicken oxo
boiling water

  1. Put the rice on to cook (we use boil-in-the-bag not proper risotto rice).
  2. Fry the peppers, onion and mushrooms.
  3. Add the cooked rice, peas, sweetcorn and herbs and stir.
  4. Dissolve the oxo in a little boiling water and add to rice mix.
  5. Add water as necessary to prevent the rice from sticking.
  6. Cook on a low heat until the peas are heated through and serve!
You can put any bits you have in the fridge to use up. You can add tinned chopped tomatoes too (we didn't because I don't like them!)

We had this with chicken drumsticks that had been smeared with bbq sauce - a really nice meal that hubby cooked for us. We were supposed to be having a roast, but it was just too hot - see how meal planning just doesn't work for me???

Sorry no photos of these recipes - blogger won't allow me to upload from my laptop now. My daughter's gonna try and help me resolve this.

Do you want me to carry on posting up recipes? Any requests for baking ones?

Mandy x


  1. Aaah, so you use boil in the bag rice. That's a good idea. Making risotto with risotto rice can sometimes be a bit of a faff. Yes, to baking recipes. I'm always on the look out for simple baking recipes for halfwits because I cannot bake at all. My cakes are always rock hard and have the consistency of a biscuit. Not good. xx

    1. Hi Loo, I am really bad at cooking rice so I cheat! My rice always sticks to the pan and sometimes burns.

      I will find some simple baking recipes for you! Just cakes or other goodies too??? Is there anything you don't like (eg I hate coffee cake)?

      Mandy x

  2. I've just discovered your blog via Froogs and find it very interesting. I have read the entire last two years.
    May I make a suggestion? I feel this is very bold of me but I have a Very difficult time reading your posts that are printed in "PINK". They just glare on my screen.
    I mean this most kindly. I am enjoying your blog and want to be able to read everything.
    Hope all is well.
    Lynn- USA

  3. Hi Mandy,
    PLEASE carry on posting recipes, I have to cook as frugally as possible with money sometimes being tight. I do shop for the cheapest bargains I can find but always try to get good value ingredients. I have four (yes four!) freezers, 2 chest freezers in an outside shed, a fridge freezer in the spare bedroom (couldn't bear to part with it) and an undercounter freezer in the kitchen. I always look on the yellow stickered shelves in the supermarket and freeze anything that I find that's worth buying. I bulk cook and freeze portions of food for days when its rather rushed, I bulk buy meat on pay week, I also shop in ethnic supermarkets for rices, spices, sauces etc as they are cheaper than mainstream supermarkets, I buy fruit and veg from the local market and local farm shop (with the odd exception from the supermarket), I bulk buy dry goods from Approved foods (good old spare bedroom again).
    I don't eat meat but do buy quorn products for myself (my only extravagance).
    I am currently trying to lose a couple of stone as I had a gastric bypass 8 years ago but find the weight is slowly creeping back on. If I have a drink it was always beer as anything else (wine, spirits etc) tended to give me indigestion) hence the weight gain over the past couple of years.
    I have managed to lose half a stone in the past 2 months but still have a long way to go. I have found my food bill has risen since ive been dieting buying salad and more fresh fruit but as I only eat small amounts I am trying to be as careful with this as possible.
    Please carry on with posting your recipes and any other money saving ideas.
    take care, jane x

  4. Sorry another one here who can't read the pink writing, I've tried with and without my reading glasses but simply can't focus on the words :-(