Thursday, 11 July 2013

Nutty Chocolate Squares...a recipe

Hi everyone!

With good intentions to achieve a lot today, I'm shattered and it's only half past 9! Daisy-May was unsettled all night and we couldn't work out why. At 1.15 this morning, I was in the kitchen, sterlilising bottles and making up another feed for her. We have been offering her water if she wakes up really early so she goes back to sleep without wanting a feed (she got into the habit of waking up every 2-3 hours for a feed when she was teething), but that wasn't working! I gave in and she had a milk feed, but still she screamed every time we put her back in her cot. We are used to living with sleep deprivation, but today we are all tired. Daisy is currently snoring and I'm looking at where to start with the chores.

When you're tired or fed up, eat chocolate!!! (Not at 9.30 in the morning though)

Nutty Chocolate Squares

  1. Melt 100g dark chocolate, 200g milk chocolate, 1 tbsp unsalted butter and 2 tbsp golden syrup in a bowl over a pan of simmering water.
  2. Stir and remove bowl from pan.
  3. Add a small pack of peanuts and stir.
  4. Pour into a foil tray and chill to set.
  5. Dust with icing sugar before serving and cut into squares.
I used salted butter and value salted peanuts (use up challenge) which was a bit too salty, so unsalted butter would have been better (but I'm doing a use up).

I also made another batch, but with a crumbled crunchie bar (use up) and this was lovely (not salty) but may be a bit sickly for some, so you could adjust the chocolate quantities to more dark choc. I used value chocolate (use up), but better chocolate would give nicer results!

You could use any nuts you like!

I used foil trays (recycled) because it's easier to get them out.

Taaleedee - Do you know anyone who would do a carboot sale with you? I go with my daughter (she drives and I don't) and we share the price of the pitch and petrol to get there. I've also been with a friend and the people opposite us last week were friends selling together. My daughter drives a mini and we mangaged fine, her stuff and mine! 

I used to ebay, but can't be doing with the hassle of it now. I was selling stuff for 99p with all the trouble that goes with it and now I sell for 50p and actually get rid of unwanted items. I still love looking on ebay though!

Jane - this is the most I have ever blogged, thanks to Frugal Queen. Sometimes my blog is more of an online diary and I think it was boring to readers when I go on and on about my life looking after Daisy-May. They are expecting lots of thriftiness and homemade things, because that's what the title says!!! Thank you for your kind words. I have tried to grow strawberries in our own garden and the one at school where I used to teach reception children. Both failed! This year is the first year of success and we have loads. I think they are a bit sharp for Daisy because she didn't eat the strawberry custard I made her yesterday. She will eat them with ice-cream though. I too have expensive fruit taste - melon, strawberries and grapes. I HATE bananas! I bought Daisy the cheaper pears and she refused did the dogs! I'm glad that you're reading every day, I need to write something worth reading now!

I hope you all have a good day!

Mandy x 

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  1. Hi,

    I totally agree with you about e bay. I used to sell a lot of stuff but the people were a pain. Saying they didn't receive it, it didn't fit, they didn't like the colour. Aaaaggghh. And it's all the wrapping, taking tot he post office etc etc. I love the recipe as we both like chocolate and nuts! Don't worry about what you write too much, some blogs are just like a diary and they get loads of followers. It's weird when you think people are interested in your life isn't it?
    Much love
    FIB. X