Monday, 8 July 2013

I've been really busy!

Hi everyone!

I usually write my blog in the morning, when Daisy has a nap after breakfast. Today I've got so much to do that I have had to wait until her afternoon nap. I haven't got time to do my Monday updates for the use-up challenge, but I will quickly reply to comments left:

Taaleedee - I used to be really bad with food waste, particularly with salad and veg. We have got three chickens and would love some ducks. You are right, the jam buns don't need an egg, they are a different texture to a cake.

Grammyscraps - You didn't offend me Lynn, I was just annoyed that I had to change it all! You weren't the only one who couldn't read the pink and I didn't realise it would be a problem for some readers. My eyesight is perfect and I didn't consider others - I'm really sorry about the rest of my blog, I don't know how to change previous posts (apart from individually editing them) but I have changed all posts to black from now on. I hope that helps for the moment, but if there are any particular posts that you wanted to read and couldn't, please let me know and I will change those for you straight away. I hope you will continue to read my blog.

Sanny - The cup was a proper 'cup' as part of a measuring set I've got. I think they use this way of measuring ingredients in America (I've certainly since this on tv). The recipe is from the '70s (old like me!) I tested it and 1 cup of SR flour is equal to 4oz of SR flour.

I absolutely love cheese and onion pie! I have been trying for years to create the same pie that I used to eat in primary school, but have not achieved it yet.

We had a great weekend, thanks x

Shelly - Don't worry, you certainly didn't offend me! I had to be on benefit a long time ago as a single mum and it was awful! They seem to get given a lot more money now than I did back then and Alice is very bad at sharing. This is a sore point for us because she gets money but doesn't support Daisy. She buys her presents, but doesn't pay us back for all the boring but necessary things like nappies. We have been financially responsible for Daisy since she was in the womb! We bought everything for the pregnancy and everything for the new baby. Her mummy has paid for her shopping a couple of times and that's it. Since Daisy was born, I have looked after all the practical side of her care, while her mummy was able to cuddle and feed her. I washed and sterilised bottles, did her laundry, changed her moses basket bedding, cleaned and tidied her room and looked after her while mummy was in the shower etc. I also looked after Alice when she was pregnant, she had severe morning sickness then bad urine infections, then a problem with her hips that restricted her mobility and finally severe pre-eclampsia that came close to taking her life. She was really ill after having Daisy, so still needed looking after when discharged from hospital. She was on a huge amount of medication to keep her blood pressure down. Her dad, sister and brother all took her to hospital tobe monitored because Daisy would stop moving. Daisy was very slow growing and there were numerous scans and consultant appointments to attend. I don't drive, so it was left to the rest of the family to take her and stay with her for whole days at a time. Sadly she forgets all that we have done. The latest is that Alice hasn't moved into her new house yet, so Daisy stays with us for now. She will only go when she has a stable environment to offer. At the moment she stays with friends.

I'm glad you are enjoying my blog and really pleased that you take the time to comment x

That's it for now because Daisy is awake, but hopefully I'll be more organised for tomorrow.

Mandy x

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  1. Sadly a lot of children don't appreciate just what their parents have done for them. They have bad memories when it suits them.