Friday, 12 July 2013

How do you get rid of unwanted stuff?

Hi everyone!

As you know, I am trying to declutter my home at the moment. Last weekend we did a carboot sale and in the past I have sold things on ebay. When a charity bag comes through the door, I will fill it. The best one is the air ambulance because they take anything, which is good for books because I still have loads. So how do you get rid of your unwanted items?...

I use charity shops, but it is difficult because I have to rely on my daughter to drop stuff off for me when she's at work in town (we live in a village and I don't drive).

I use charity bags that come through the door, but this doesn't happen very often and half the time they are bogus made-up charities, although that hasn't happened recently.

I sell at the carboot sale, but this costs us £10 pitch, so you have to make that back before you start to profit. It's an early start because we travel to Finmere in Buckinghamshire which is a large one. This is still the best way for us though.

I used to do a lot of ebaying (buying and selling) but like Frugal in Bucks, I've had many bad dealings. First there's the time to photograph and list items, then there's the fees to pay, it has to be packaged and taken to the post office, you get a certificate of posting, but there will always be people who try and get stuff for free and say it hasn't arrived when I bet it has. These people are straight on to you, sending messages and threatening action. I just refund them because it's easier than losing 100% feedback. I just find it a hassle for 99p!

For now, I will stick to carbooting!

Thank you for your comment Frugal in Bucks. I am often interested in other people's lives because you pick up ideas to use yourself and also it entertains me because my life is quite dull, busy but dull! Daisy doesn't allow me time to wallow in my own self pity, but we have been through a hell of a lot in the past few years, and sometimes I dwell on it. Daisy has helped us through by giving us a positive focus, she brings joy to our lives every single day. She makes us grateful for what we have too. It does wonders for my sel-esteem that people out there are reading and are coming back to read again! It amazes me when you see the amount of comments that some bloggers receive on a single post, but I read some blogs every day and comment with the rest. I suppose it's what interests us and I'm more likely to spend any spare time I have reading blogs rather than watching tele now! When I hurt my back, I read Frugal Queen's blog from the start and took loads of notes. Some of her advice is part of our lives now and how we run our home - there's still so much to learn!!!

I probably won't blog over the weekend, so see you Monday...

Mandy x


  1. Hi Mandy, glad your decluttering is progressing well. I do exactly what you do to get rid of mine. But the problem is that nothing actually ever leaves the house! I've got a loft full of stuff that I need to sell at a car boot but we haven't a free weekend until Sept now. Under the spare bed is stuff waiting for me to put on ebay but like you say it's a bit of a bore with the photo taking and writing the blurb. And I'm waiting in vain for a charity bag as my wardrobe is crammed full of stuff for the charity shop. *Heavy sigh*. It's hard work this decluttering isn't it? You have a lovely and restful weekend. xx

  2. Its absolutely amazing the clutter that quickly gathers. I am a Brit but living in Australia for 20yrs now. We do garage sales over here where you put out signs or advertise and sell from your garage. I too don't use e-bay because of everything you mentioned Mandy but take things to the charity shops. Some charity shops over here will come to collect bigger items.
    Mandy you write a lovely blog not dull at all just real life and living. Hope you have a lovely weekend and manage to catch up on some sleep.