Friday, 19 July 2013

Guess where I'm going tonight...???

Hi everyone!

Well I'm going to see PAUL WELLER!!!

He's in Northampton and me and lovely hubby have been treated to an evening together by our lovely daughter Charlotte. She is going to babysit Daisy and has even arranged for us to park around the back of her shop (she works in an opticians in Northampton). We only found out about this on Monday when she bought the tickets off her boss who can't make it now. I have seen Paul weller once before at V96 when Alice was still a baby! 'You do something to me' was our wedding song and we have both been fans since his 'The Jam' days. I'm so excited!!!


Jane - How exciting, a holiday! We went to Yorkshire two years ago and took Alice (Daisy's mummy) with us, we didn't know if she would actually come until the day before we left and she wasn't living at home then. It was a very stressful time in our lives, caused by her behaviour. Last year we couldn't go because she was pregnant, she was ill all the time and we wouldn't have been able to leave her. She suffered in the heat too so we couldn't take her with us, so we went without. That was the first year in ages that we could have booked out of the expensive school holiday season because I wasn't at school anymore. We do plan on returning to Yorkshire in September for a few days to take Daisy on holiday. A cheap caravan, out of season for a short break.

I too am going to make Froogs' 'Shepherdess Pie'! Yesterday we had veggie lasagne and it was tasty.

It's funny, but we often look at our children and try to work out where we failed with one of them. Ashley is respected in his job and has bought his own house at 23 years old. Charlotte has overcome a lot of issues in her life and picked herself up. She is doing well at work, is easy to live with and does a lot to support me. Alice made us extremely proud when she gave us a grandaughter, but has gone straight back to her old ways. She came to visit on Wednesday, which was lovely. We played with Daisy in her paddling pool and she spent good quality time with her. It looks like Daisy is here to stay for a while now because Alice doesn't want to live where she is now. I think she has fallen out with her friends. Who knows what's around the corner for us. Alice can be a good person, but she is really hard to live with and can be exceptionally cruel in her words and actions. We hope that one day she will find happiness (with or without Daisy). Until then, we will continue to keep things going  and she knows there is always a home for her here with her precious daughter.



Mandy x


  1. Hope you have a lovely evening

  2. Yay, good for you Mandy. A well deserved night out. Enjoy Paul Weller. xx

  3. Hope you had a great night at the concert you deserve it. Life is very tricky and I certainly don't think you have failed your daughter, you are looking after your precious grandaughter Daisy. I Have a friend in the Uk who ended up with one grown up daughter as a Doctor and her son ended up doing a stint in prison for robbery. Both children brought up exactly the same in a loving family, private education he some how has always caused heartbreak and continued to make bad choices for himself. There is only so much you can do as a parent, don't be hard on yourself. Lors x

  4. HI Mandy,
    hope you enjoyed the concert, I cant imagine for a second that you didn't as Paul Weller is fantastic. I was a massive Jam fan during the 80's and have all the albums in the loft (on record not cd - showing my age there). I have to admit though that my favourite was Bruce Foxton at the time, so moody looking :-) but Paul Weller has aged a lot better I think.
    I made the Shepherdess pie, infact I made so much I ended up making 3, a large one to portion up and 2 smaller ones that can be frozen as they are. In the end to stretch it even further I added a can of tinned minced beef so the two smaller ones aren't quite veggie but hubby will eat them. I had loads of different lentils in the cupboard (brown, red, green, puy) so will be finding some more recipes to use some more of these up.
    Our forthcoming holiday is Monday - Friday the last week in August (Bank holiday week) in a B&B in Scarborough. We started going for the odd weekend about 3 1/2 years ago when Alfie was a baby and the owner still charges a reduced rate as the grandkids don't eat a massive breakfast, I can only eat a reduced amount so only my daughter has the full English and any cereals etc as she can eat "normally". We have the same room we had when we first started going and are treat like family by the lady and her husband. They know Daniel and Alfie can be a bit boisterous sometimes in the breakfast hall and the bar on an evening but don't mind as they have two now grown up sons themselves and know they are good kids really, they just get a bit over excited on holiday.
    We also sometimes go in a caravan on the Haven holiday park for the odd weekend and when we go there hubby comes too but in the B&B its just myself, daughter and grandkids.
    My daughter too can be quite a stroppy madam and we sometimes do clash, she has a quick temper and we can have some awful arguments but always forgotten about quickly. I think she sometimes forgets all we do for her and how we have put up with a lot in the past that quite a few parents wouldn't put up with. But at other times is thoughtful and caring.
    My hubby has got a compensation claim through recently for an accident he had at work last year (only a couple of thousand pounds) but it is very welcome as we are in desperate need of a new bathroom suite as the one that in our house is disgusting. There are even burns on the bath
    where people in the past have left cigarette ends burning whilst they have been bathing - YUK. We didn't quite realise how expensive it was going to be for a new bathroom suite, tiling and fitting, quite a shock, but we should just be about able to cover it (fingers crossed).
    I have my brother coming for lunch today so better get my thinking cap on to use up some of my dried goods and freezer stock. It does seem a little cooler this morning so hopefully will stay like this and I can actually do a proper dinner.
    take care, jane