Thursday, 4 July 2013

Strawberry and white chocolate trifle

Hi everyone!

Yesterday was a tiring day, Daisy was craving attention more than usual so I didn't get much done. We had a lovely day playing, but the guilt creeps in when I look around at the mess we have created! We had two visitors, my lovely son who lives in the same village, but I only really see him on Sundays now, and Daisy's mummy. She popped back to collect her post and some clean clothes (yes I do her washing, but I refuse to iron it so she wears it creased!) She obviously cuddles Daisy while she's here, but as she gets a lift over, she can never stay long because the driver is waiting outside (up the road and around the corner) to take her back again. Daisy is always happy to see her, which reassures me. She is back today to take Daisy for a check-up at the Doctors. She prefers to do these things herself, although I deal with the Health Visitor visits myself now.

Shelley - it was never our intention to have any legal hold over Daisy. We always wanted to be her grandparents, with her living with us and her mummy until mummy could get her life on track. We wanted her to get a career and learn to drive, gaining independence for their future together. We were going to help her get a little house so she could learn how to run it with our support. We never wanted her to be a 'benefits baby'. Sadly she will be one now. At the moment, we completely financially support Daisy's upbringing because we always wanted a good start in life for her (not on benefits).  Why make life difficult when it doesn't have to be? My daughter does have a part time cleaning job, which is a step in the right direction. Now we want to share her care and we are supposed to be having her with us at weekends when she has moved into her new house.

As yesterday didn't go according to plan, I didn't manage to make the buns, but I did make the beef casserole and trifle.

Strawberry and White Chocolate Trifle

284ml pot double cream
1tsp vanilla
sponge fingers ( I used 4 AF trifle sponges)
half a punnet of strawberries
few squares white chocolate

  1. lightly whisk cream and vanilla until spoonable
  2. cover the bottom of a serving dish with trifle sponges
  3. add a layer of sliced strawberries and then cream
  4. repeat the layers
  5. finely grate chocolate over the top
  6. decorate with remaining strawberries
  7. chill and enjoy!
Jane - well done with the dieting!

Taaleedee - every time I look on the AF website there will be different things available. Have a quick look weekly and I'm sure something will turn up. I get emails of their new products and current offers - it's easy to sign up for this.

Sanny - welcome and I.m glad you're happy with my blog. I will post the bun recipes up this afternoon when I've actually made them. I'm hoping they will be as nice as I remember! The tennis was good yesterday - edge of the seat viewing (actually I was sat on the floor playing with Daisy!)

Sue - welcome to my blog! I read yours everyday. Sorry about the pink writing, I had no idea what trouble it was causing! I have changed that post to black now for you x

All being well, I'll be back later...

Mandy x


  1. You're right about "why make life difficult when it doesn't have to be". It's obvious you're doing your utmost for both Daisy and Shelley - it's hard work but you're doing well (blimming kids...).

    Mmmmm, the trifle sounds delish - and it's easy to do - yippee! xx

    1. Thanks Loo. Shelley was the lady who sent me a comment! My daughter is Alice x

  2. Hi Mandy, Shelly here.
    I sincerely apologize if I offended you in any way-that was not my intent. In my comment and mention of benefits, I think we have our wires crossed. In Canada the benefits you speak of are either called osdp/welfare or mother's allowance. They are meant to support you(barely). The benefits I was speaking of are programs run by our gov't and available to all families. You are screened every yr through your taxes(it is all based on income) and it is paid monthly also, for childcare expenses, and a daily living top up. You lose a portion when your child/ren turn 7 and it all totally stops when they turn 18 or you make to much money.
    I say kudos to you for stepping up, a lot of people wouldn't. I understand what you say about "being grandparents". My friend still struggles with this and it has been 3 yrs now that their granddaughter has been in their care. They decided though that it was in their granddaughter's best interest to be with them. Stable home, school,etc.
    Have a great weekend
    I do enjoy your blog

  3. Hi Mandy,
    Shelly again! (boyu at this rate you be hoping I never popped over to your blog!
    Anyhow I feel the need to apologize to you again. As I think I come off as to be saying that I do not think you are doing what's right for Daisy, yourself, and Alice. That is not what I meant at all. Every situation is different and this is what is right for you. I appear to really be putting my foot in my mouth . I will just stick to asking for clarification on any UK things I am confused about.

    Have a splendid weekend