Tuesday, 9 July 2013

I've completed my decluttering challenge!

Hi everyone!

On Saturday, Charlotte and I did a carboot sale. I took £35, but was selling a lot of my stuff at 20p or 50p, so you can imagine how many things I sold. I was up to number 50 on my challenge, so I'm sure I've made it to 100! It was too busy to keep track of what I sold, but a lot of empty bags came home. Today I've started to re-price my remaining items, cutting everything by at least half. We will do another sale in a few weeks to clear all clutter, selling at silly prices to just get rid of it. Anything unsold will be dropped off at the charity shop. I need to make money where possible, but I also want a tidy home!

I will also look around the house for more unused things!

Is anyone else decluttering at the moment?

Mandy x


  1. Well done you Mandy. MMmmm I've been a bit lax on the old decluttering front although I have loads of stuff for a car boot which I must get round to doing. Meanwhile, my daughter has done another massive clearout of stuff from her room including all her Justin Beiber posters - yay result!

  2. We did a big car boot sale at the weekend and made lots of lovely money, we were selling for higher prices this time, but next time after our last round of sorting we will be at full price for the first hour only and then EVERYTHING will be 20p each. We intend to come away with only things packed in bags ready to be dropped off at the Charity Shop banks open the way home.

    It's nice to have a bit of extra cash isn't it, but it somehow feels even nicer to have space in the house where 'stuff' used to be.

  3. I am also having a sort out but can't do a car boot - we don't have a car. So I Ebay or send to a charity shop if it is not suitable for listing. If I have relisted items a few times and they remain unsold - off they go to the charity shop. I also grade my charity shop stuff - we send the best to one shop. The rest goes to a charity clearance shop where everything is priced £1.