Friday, 4 July 2014

Feeding the Family Friday...

Hi everyone,

Fridays are all about what we've been eating in the last week. This is when I will post up meal recipes I think you'll enjoy or recipes that have been requested.

I forgot to photograph this before dishing up! It's not a very good photo but it was delicious! 

This is the baked bean lasagne.

My favourite meal from this week...roast chicken :)

Now for this weeks recipe...

Cheese and Onion Pie
1). Grate some cheese. This is how much I did to fit the size dish I needed to feed my family...adjust to suit your family.

2). Brown an onion and add to the cheese.

3). Add black pepper and a shake of parsley.

4). Combine with a beaten egg and a pot of single could use milk here if you want to (284ml was what I used) until you have a sloppy mixture.

5). Roll out some short crust pastry... I used ready rolled simply because it was on offer when I shopped. You could make your own or just roll out shop bought quite thinly. 

6). Cover the pie dish and cut around. I always prick pastry with a fork then brush with beaten egg or milk.

7). Bake in the oven for 20-30 mins at 180oC. Keep an eye on it incase it starts to brown too much. 

Be careful when you eat it...that cheese gets very hot!

Thanks for reading...

Mandy x

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  1. Hi Mandy, I love the new blog but unfortunately cant comment as there was some problem with a sign in account or something but I am here reading :-)
    I haven't done many full meals this week as hubby been on odd extra overtime shifts and never wants a full dinner when he's been working all day, usually something light. I will be doing a full Sunday dinner this week though as I didn't do one last weekend as we went to Scarborough for the Armed forces weekend and meals were mainly fish and chips, Subway & café stuff,
    I also haven't done any baking for quite a while and need to start using up the dried goods I have in the spare bedroom or they will be too far out of date to be of any use, which I don't want to happen.
    Well at last its the weekend but unfortunately it goes by way too fast and I will be back at work before I know it. Hopefully I can get back into my "proper" cooking soon. take care jane

    1. Hi Jane, I don't what the problem could be??

      I am trying to get back into baking and my new style of blogging is really motivating me around the house.

      There is never enough hours in the day!

      Hope you're having a good weekend xx

  2. Lovely jubbly, will have a go. Thank you.

  3. I wanted a recipe for this, thanks.

  4. Thanks for that, Mandy will give it a go next week.