Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Top Tips Tuesday...

Hi everyone

Here are this weeks top tips...


1). Washing machine...I only put my machine on if it's full, at night (timer) because my electricity is cheaper then and if the weather forecast is promising. At this time of year there is never a build up of laundry in my house because the weather helps me keep it up-to-date. 

2). Washing powder/softener... I have been using half the amount of these for quite some time now. My washing is fine with this.

3). Drying... I dry my washing outside all year round. If it's cold but windy, it will dry enough to just need airing in the house. I am lucky to be at home, so I can dash out if it starts to rain (like yesterday) and get it in. If rain is forecast, then I won't put any washing on unless I'm desperate. I hate having laundry around the house and I won't use my tumble drier unless an emergency!

4). Bath towels...I don't wash the big bath towels every time I shower. I hang them at the top of the stairs over the bannister. Daisy still has the hooded baby towels, so these get washed after every use.

5). Wear clothes twice... If they are clean then I wear them again the next day. I will wear jeans for two days and cardies or jumpers if they look clean (not always possible with a busy toddler about!)

Does anyone have any more laundry tips to share?

Thanks for reading,

Mandy x


  1. my washing comes out quite dry so I put shirts and tee-shirts on hangers and hang them in doorways upstairs,as we have bedroom and bathroom windows open all day every day stuff is dry the next day.

    1. Hi Phyllis
      I do this too if it's raining x

  2. I wear jeans a lot longer and unless its dirty or smells I don't wash it. We change into lounging stuff when we get home so that helps. I don't have a tumble dryer so it goes on the line or in front of the log burner in the winter. Towels get used and hung on the towel rail until they are a bit musty,bed changed once a week or 10 days if really busy, we both work long hours. I use a dribble of washing liquid and conditioner just because I like the smell of it, I have one sports bra and I wash that in the shower with me because I need it for the next day and also lasts longer not getting bashed about in the washing machine. Any marks on whites get dabbed with a bit of bleach and soaked in the sink then washed on a low temperature. I only do full loads and do either coloureds or whites, no messing about with anything else.

    1. I'm sure the washing machine has damaged my bras...I've had a couple recently that have had the wire come out!

      I also use bleach...when Daisy was tiny I used to remove stains on bibs and soak them. I've discovered vanish now but it's so expensive! X

  3. I haven't used conditioner for years - no noticeable difference to my wash [lets face it - my Mum and Gran never had it, so why do we need it nowadays?] My machine lets me do a quick wash - but I can raise the temp from 30 to 40 if stuff is very grubby, and spin speed from 800 to 1200. This does a full load in 37 minutes, and everything comes out clean. I keep a bar of soap by the machine, and rub over shirt collars, cuffs and nasty stains before stuff goes into machine. If I cannot dry outside, I have a pull out dryer over the bath, and hang stuff on that [and we use the shower]
    I agree that we wash too much too often these days - I hang things up and make them do a second day- and change out of work clothes when I get home. An apron when cooking prevents splashes on 'good' clothes.

    1. Hi Angela
      I suppose I use fabric conditioner because it makes the clothes smell nice, although I only use a tiny bit of the stuff for sensitive skin because of Daisy.

      My machine is always set to a quick wash (forgot to say that)!

      I keep a vanish bar by the machine for the same reason as you.

      Apron...what a fantastic tip! Of course! I do that and always have. I am a messy cook and cannot afford to ruin clothes. Some things we do without thinking, but so effective x