Monday, 14 July 2014

Meal Plan Monday...

Hi everyone,

It's meal plan Monday! This is what we'll be eating...

Monday - we had chicken risotto 
Tuesday - wedges,beans and cheese
Wednesday -sausage and tomato bake
Thursday - deep pan potato pizza
Friday - bacon pudding 
Saturday - BBQ at my son's house
Sunday - ham salad and new potatoes

Just leave a comment if you fancy any of the recipes.

Sorry this is late going up...I've had an interesting day...Daisy's got more teeth on the way I think.

I was a bit annoyed earlier... My charity bag was half collected. The bag was covering a box of donations and it had been ripped open and rummaged through. What wasn't required was left behind. This has never happened before as they just take everything away. Is it now common policy for the collectors to decide what they want to collect? I followed the instructions on the bag and the air ambulance collect bric-a-brac along with almost everything apart from electricals. All of the videos I sorted yesterday were left. Now does anyone know how I can recycle these? Are charity shops not collecting them anymore? We actually have two video players and still quite a collection of video tapes, but these ones were not needed. I hate chucking stuff away that I know will end up in landfill. Any ideas anyone? You can't give them away at Carboot sales so maybe the charity shops have the same problem.

I won't be donating to that charity again simply because of the way in which my donations were handled. Sadly that clutter is still in my house :(

Top tips Tuesday tomorrow (ooh, alliteration!)

Thanks for reading,

Mandy x


  1. That is a shame. Are you sure it was the charity who did it? Perhaps it was a passer by who felt like having a rummage. If so that's stealing. I don't think people buy videos anymore as technology has moved so quickly. I have lots of lovely children's videos which I have been saving for my grandchildren and I also have the video player in the loft. Perhaps a retirement home might like them? Especially if you have old movies.

    1. Hi Jenny, I actually saw the van pull away and it had the sir ambulance details on the side x

  2. You can put them on freegle or freecycle but as you say, you just can't give them away now. Good luck. X

  3. Hi Mandy,
    I have to agree with jenny I don't think it would be the charity that would do that and if it was I would definitely give the head office a ring and say how annoyed you were that they did this and that you wont be donating again to them.
    Also that is a good idea about the retirement home, I used to work in a care home and if I remember we had a video player as a lot of the older movies were more readily available on video (and a lot cheaper to buy from carboots, charity shops etc).
    I know the Air ambulance stall in Scarborough indoor market does sell videos and so they do take them, that's why I would think it wasn't actually the collectors who rifled through the bags.
    I had a charity bag put through the door last week and as I didn't have anything to put in it placed it under the garden chair leg next to the front door for them to recollect when they came round ( last Friday afternoon it said on the bag). Next door but one put a bag full of stuff on their front path and that is also still there so they haven't been back to collect yet which is slightly annoying as that too could be rummaged through by a passer by.
    Could we have the recipe for the sausage and tomato bake please.
    look forward to Tuesdays tips, take care jane

    1. Like I said to Jenny, I saw the van drive away! I'm going to contact them and say what happened. You would think they would be desperate for donations as so many people sell at Carboot sales for extra cash now.

      Yes you can have the recipe (on Fridays post) xx

  4. videos are not wanted by charity shops anymore. but I think its not normal or right for them to go through the donation.

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  6. hello mandy , i was just reading through your blog and came across this one about your donations, I was a charity shop manager for 12 years and would urge you to take any donations to the shops directly if you can , you would not believe how many bogus charity bags there are out there all very good at trying to create sympathy for made up charities its big business for crooks , they even make up bogus charity numbers , Any charity that goes through your stuff and does not thank you for your donations with the exception of videos is not worthy of your donations the reason that they have to refuse videos is they dont sell so the charity has to pay to dispose of them and they can fill a big industrial bin with them at least once a fortnight and this can cost about £50 , charities still have to pay for there bins to be emptied , the best charities to donate to are the small ones with not large chains of shops as the big charities pay so much big wages this comes out of the donations before anything goes to the charity, I hope this helps xxx