Wednesday, 23 July 2014

What I've Baked Wednesday...

Hi everyone,

It's been so hot here that I haven't really been in the mood for baking. Today is baking day but as I don't need the oven on for tea I have decided to bake tomorrow instead. Tea is cooked in the oven then and I can use the empty space for a cake and possibly some shortbread. 

I have baked since last Wednesday though, a spur of the moment thing because I accidentally knocked a shopping bag off the worktop and cracked some eggs :( I took out a loaf of bread and made it off balance (pretty unlucky I think) and the eggs were in with the bread. Two were on the floor, but another four were cracked, I managed to save the rest. I cracked open the four and kept them in a bowl until I'd finished putting the shopping away. I then made a Mary Berry Victoria sandwich cake for hubby's pack-up...

This is his favourite, plain and simple...sandwiched together with jam and a dusting of icing sugar on top. Sorry that the photo is of inside the cake carrier, but I'm paranoid about flies getting on our food. That's probably why I have forgotten to photograph Mondays and yesterday's meals! I'm so keen to get the food dished up and onto the table before the flies land. If must be quite funny to watch me flicking them away and moaning. Does anyone else find the flies a nightmare? The windows and patio doors have to be open because it's so humid, but they keep on inviting themselves in! I'm going to have to get some of those sticky things to catch them.

This time of year is not my favourite...I have a phobia of spiders and wasps and both scare me. The big spiders will be showing themselves anytime now (I saw enough of them in the garden) and the wasps seem to smell my fear. I'm not afraid of being stung because that has happened to me before (it sat on my shoulder and I only realised it was there when it stung me!) it's the way that they fly into my hair and hover around my face. Once they arrive in full force, I start to wish for the first frost so they'll disappear! 

Does anyone share my fear of wasps and spiders? 

Thanks for reading,

Mandy x


  1. I too have a phobia of 8-legged things (I can't mention the word!), and can trace it back to an incident when I was a child. Used to be so terrified of them that on a couple of occasions when there was a big one in the house, I had to get husband home from work to deal with it as I was virtually hysterical with fear. However, for the past 4 years we have lived in the countryside, in a very rural farming area, thus we have even more of them around. Over time I have become.....well, I was going to say acclimatised but perhaps not as much as that......more used to them and not quite so panicky, shall we say. I can now generally deal with them by sucking them up in the vacuum.....except if they're on the ceiling, can't cope with that. As for flies.....well, living on farmland we get a lot of them too. I make sure I don't leave uncovered food around, and chase the flies out when I can.....having the windows wide open means they usually go back out eventually anyway.

    1. PS I've just looked at your profile (only found you a couple of weeks ago) and see you live in Northants......we lived in Northampton for about 25 years before moving down here to Somerset.

    2. We've been to somerset on holiday...lovely. We are actually more daventry way than northampton. We would love to live on farmland. Welcome to my blog x