Monday, 7 July 2014

Meal Plan Monday...

Hi everyone

Here's this weeks meal plan...

Monday chicken chasseur, rice and green beans.

Tuesday corned beef hash pie, new potatoes and sweet corn.

Wednesday pasta carbonara and salad.

Thursday rooftop pie, broccoli and carrots.

Friday cheesy potato bake, ham and peas.

Saturday sausage and sweet corn quiche and salad.

Sunday macaroni cheese and salad.

Recipes on request!

Thanks for reading,

Mandy x


  1. intresting but what is Rooftop Pie.

    1. It's a mince dish with circles of puff pastry on top...arranged to look like roof tiles! An old magazine cutting from the '80s! I'll put a photo on here for Feeding the Family Friday x

  2. Hi Mandy. I'm sure I've commented a couple of times lately and they have disappeared or I have commented on an earlier post by mistake, (sign of getting old).
    I would love the recipe for Rooftop pie and sausage and sweetcorn quiche.
    I have good intentions of meal planning but it doesn't always go to plan.
    Tonights tea is supermarket value pasta spirals (about 30p a bag) with a sachet of Heinz squeeze and stir tomato soup (£1.99 for box of 18 from local farm shop) with a couple of sliced up turkey frankfurters (bought from Polish supermarket, vacuum packed about £1 for 8). Made for pennies and totally delicious, Daniel (oldest grandson) wolfing it down as I type.
    I didn't realise the frankfurters were actually turkey until I got them home but will definitely buy them again they are delicious.
    take care, jane

    1. I will check my comments to see if I've missed any Jane. I've not changed anything my end, but this did happen to me before...I wrote long comments then they disappeared! So annoying and never worked out why :(

      Yes to those two recipes...magazine cuttings from the '80s...a bit of retro dining! Getting too much into pastry at the moment! X