Thursday, 10 July 2014

Thrifty Thursday...

Hi everyone 

Since last week, I have been cooking from scratch and eating far less processed food. It takes longer than just chucking something in the oven, but I am improving with my time management and getting into a better routine. Our shopping bill has reflected that meal planning has made me more thrifty. 

I have also been spending some time in the garden. I'm trying to make it a special environment for Daisy as she is out there for most of the day while the weather is so nice, but I also need to concentrate on utilising the space better for growing. We have two large raised beds but not much going on except for the strawberries at the moment. This needs serious attention! I also grow herbs in patio tubs which are looking messy at the moment. I want to grow a wider variety as I'm back to cooking from scratch all the time again and trying out new recipes. I bought a living parsley plant on Sunday and I will put that out soon (on the windowsill at the moment).

There's a lovely walk over the fields opposite my house. We literally cross the road and the footpath is there! Daisy is free to explore without being in her buggy or having to hold my hand all the way. The dogs love walking too! I don't know why I've never used this footpath before, but Charlotte takes Flo all the time and we decided to join her after tea...we will probably go again today. Free entertainment and exercise too! 

I have also started reading properly again...I want to make sure I make a habit of this, I don't allow myself time for hobbies...I always feel guilty because there is always something else that needs to be done!

 I'm going to be kinder to myself.

Cooking, baking, walking, reading and sewing are all things that I enjoy...I hope to report back that I've done them all by next week (regularly). I've made time to cook properly every day and bake when needed. I've been out for a walk and I'm starting a new book tonight. It's the sewing that I want to do! I've managed to keep up with my daily blogging so I know I can do it :)

Anyone else been trying to be extra thrifty this week? 

Thanks for reading,

Mandy x


  1. this week has been expensive as I did my monthly shop and we are going away for the weekend. but I always cook from scratch and I find it best if I make a plan.

    1. Have a great weekend away Phyllis x

  2. We'll done Mandy you really are getting organised!
    I always cook from scratch.
    Not much gardening done this week, too cold & wet.
    Have a good day!

    1. Thanks Mary Jo, organisation had always been a struggle for me!
      It has been lovely weather until today..,yesterday was really hot.
      You have a lovely day too x

  3. Hi Mandy,
    I have been quite thrifty this week as I haven't been shopping at all (well nearly 2 weeks). I have been making meals from the freezer and store cupboard and using up what was going out of date, or was actually out of date already.
    On Tuesday I made some pies using Approved food suet mix from 2012 and used a tin of stewed steak (£1 from the £ shop), some frozen mixed veg and some wrinkly mushrooms that needed using. In all after stretching the stewed steak with the veg it made 8 pies from my electric pie maker (6 were frozen). These would have roughly worked out at less than 20p per pie as the frozen mixed veg was the value stuff and value smartprice mushrooms (£1.37 for a large punnet). The suet mix was 99p for a 3.5kg bag !!!!
    I have also made some special egg fried rice using up some of my rice mountain and the value mixed veg again and also some of the mushrooms. I added some garlic powder and scrambled 2 eggs through it. I added a few smartprice prawns and 4 finely chopped seafood sticks (also Asda smartprice). Another meal made very cheaply with some left over for hubby to take to work the night after whilst on nightshift.
    Unfortunately I haven't been as Frugal in other areas I have been after a "Magic bullet" the small blender advertised on the shopping channels but as they are £99 I decided to splurge on a Tefal one from my catalogue for about £35. The reason is I have been trying to have more fruit lately and sometimes don't fancy eating it but thought if I can make it into a juice drink I could have this before work in a morning as I never fancy eating early on.
    Hope you have a nice weekend and manage to get some walks in with daisy. take care jane

    1. Hi Jane

      Wow you have been busy! I love being stocked up with food, but just lately I have been using up older stuff and buying less. This is actually making my cupboards less cluttered so I can find things quickly and I feel happier with less clutter.

      That sounds like an investment purchase...investing in your health, so that's totally justified!

      Have a good weekend xx

  4. I am mainly buying fresh produce only at the moment, I brought a small mountain of Approved Foods stuff with me when I moved and only had to buy bread flour yesterday. I am looking forward to an established garden next year, am only growing salad this year.

    1. Hi Pam
      I haven't bought anything from AF for ages. I too have been buying more fresh food x