Thursday, 31 July 2014

What I've baked Wednesday...

I know this is late but my internet has been playing up the past few days :(

Not as much baking as I would have liked done this week. It has been so hot here and I've been avoiding having the oven on any longer than need be. 

I have tried something new and failed! It was a fatless sponge, but the texture was of a bathroom sponge! It looked fine though...

It had risen well...

A slightly odd shape but I'm not entering into a competition! 

I decorated the top but obviously hadn't tasted it yet!

am trying to recreate the lightness of a bought sponge cake. I love to bake cakes but actually prefer the texture of a bought sponge like a Madeira cake or I choose to make a melting method chocolate fudge cake...lovely.

Has anyone else had any baking day fails?

Has anyone got a lovely recipe for a fatless sponge that you'd like to share?

Thanks for reading,

Mandy x


  1. The only time I make a fatless sponge is for a flan case or for trifle. I prefer to weigh my eggs and use the same weight of SR flour, caster sugar and soft buttery stuff,1/2 tsp of vanilla paste or some lemon rind grated fine. In a bowl beat like mad for 2 minutes and then into tins and bake at 170. This makes a good sandwich cake, tray bake of small buns. If I want to add coconut or raisins or chocolate chips I put an extra heaped tbsp of flour in, then it works well in a loaf or deep cake tin.

    1. Hello I've really enjoyed reading all your blogs - took a while but thought you'd like to know. I do hope your family will overcome the ups and downs, people grow and change with time' so it may happen. Ive never left a comment before so this is a first!