Thursday, 17 July 2014

Thrifty Thursday...

Hi everyone,

Since last week I have been doing all my normal thrifty things which I write about on Tuesdays, but on Thursdays I want to focus on things I have started to do or I am trying to do more.


I love to read, I always have, but just lately I've been unable to get into a book and end up giving up. Reading before bed is relaxing but I find it hard to stay awake!

I have a huge collection of books and nowhere to store them. I have been through them when I declutter and really want to read them all. When I find an author I like, I will try to collect books by the same author. 

These are just some of my books, as you can storage!

Another pile of unread books...again no storage!

Finally, some non-fiction books, some read and being kept and some storage!

These books actually do have storage in the kitchen where cook books belong!

That is my aim for all my wanted and needed books, but book cases are not high on my list of priority purchases, so I will have to put up with the clutter or get reading!!

Well I have made a start. This book is so easy to read and to pick up and only read a little bit too. 

So how is this thrifty?

Almost all of my books have been either given to me or I have bought for a small amount...normally 50p. If I don't like a book or I know I won't want to read it again, then I will either donate it or sell at the Carboot. I get some money back to buy another and someone else gets the chance to enjoy that book too. 

Reading is entertainment and costs very little. Reading is education and I love to learn new things. New skills can be beneficial to the thrifty lifestyle too! 

Is anyone out there like minded when it comes to a love of books? How big is your book collection and how do you store them? Any ideas?

Daisy and I have done lots of crafty messy play this week too...

One last thing I wanted to share is this...

The hens are laying properly again after being broody. I wonder which one laid this cute little egg?

Thanks for reading,

Mandy x


  1. I have started reading again this year, I thought it was about time I made more time for me, I have been building up a collection too but not as bad as yours x

    1. I replied and it disappeared!

      I said that we should make time for ourselves but I always feel guilty! X

  2. I read in fits and starts, 6 books in a week followed by 1 in a month. I am the same with the TV and DVD's. If I can sew, crochet, potter in the garden or cook I will rather than sit still.

    1. Six books in a week is pretty impressive Pam! X

  3. I love to read & made a goal this year to at least read 1 a month. I find so many other things to do! Except for last month I had done that but I am still reading last months book. However I did read 2 the month before.
    When I had a big declutter I cleared out a lot of books & have given a lot to my daughter & grandchildren.
    Take care.

    1. Hi Mary Jo

      I have to get into a book within the first chapter. If not, I will pass the book on. I've got a lot of first chapters to look at! X