Saturday, 12 July 2014

Shopping Saturday...

Hi everyone,

I've been carbooting today! I love getting things for 50p that I will sell again when Daisy has grown out of them...for 50p!

This is what I picked up for Daisy...

Jake from the tweenies...50p
A peppa pig character...50p

(Excuse the weeds, I am getting there!)

Popoids! Daisy doesn't really have any construction toys and she actually spotted these first...£1

Apparent this is fifi and the flower tots? Daisy is really into small world play and although there are some bits missing, she loves it already!

I've been looking for this book for ages as Daisy loves anything to do with the moon and stars (Alice I know you used to have this book when you were little but we haven't got it now)...50p

Converse shoes...£2.50...bargain

Little next winter skirt for her to grow into.

Minnie Mouse romper suit
Floral romper suit
H&M dress
Minnie Mouse top
Red spotty top
Stripe top
Floral top
Little shorts
Sun hat (not in photo)
All this for £3

Navy romper suit
Lemon print leggings
Floral leggings
Pastel stripe dress
White top
Gingham top
Pink gap top
Strawberry print top
Heart top
Purple gap top 
Pink cards
3 x vests
2 x swimsuits

All this for £5.50 the man was tidying away so he did me a deal!

Finally, a few little treats for me...

DVDs...I'm trying to replace my video collection with DVDs and I love Foyles War...£1.50

Three tops for £1.20

Has anyone else been carbooting? Any good bargains this week? 

Thanks for reading,

Mandy x


  1. You have some great purchases. I never bought new for my kids xxxx

    1. Hi froogs! Welcome to my blog.

      Daisy does have some new things but I try to buy second hand as much as possible. It's good to recycle too! Xx

  2. Hi Mandy,
    we're off this morning in about half a hour, wish me luck :-)
    Then home for a roast dinner for the rest of the family and I will have something else. I really fancy making some veggie minestrone soup, I have loads of frozen veg and pasta shapes so this may be this afternoons frugal food making for me. Also it will do for my breaktimes at work for the week.
    You got some brilliant bargains for a small amount of money, I hope I can find some this morning as well. Its not as warm today as it has been so may not be as crowded as it as been for the last few weeks. have a good day, take care jane x

    1. I hope you managed to pick up some bargains Jane.

      The Carboot was packed yesterday. It was hot and sunny with loads of people selling and loads of buyers too. It would have been a good day to sell.

      You have a good day too xx