Sunday, 13 July 2014

Sewing Sunday...

Hi everyone,

Today is sewing Sunday. Although I would love to be cutting bits of fabric to make Daisy's first quilt, I have had to turn my attention to my clothes. Some are literally falling apart! My first thought was to throw out a pair of trousers that are really bad, but actually they would do for gardening. I'm not a keen gardener as you know, but I do need old clothes to wear when I'm tidying up and pottering in the garden. So, I have decided to sew them up and keep them a bit longer.

I have a basket that is full of clothes that need mending...a simple case of replacing a button or repairing a hem that's come down. Nothing too difficult and I need to just get on with it! When my mending is done, then I'll get back to the quilt preparation. 

Have any of you entered Frugal Queen's fabric giveaway? I have Froogs! Such a generous gift to the lucky winner...fingers crossed!!

Changing the subject...

I have been decluttering today. I donated a lot of stuff recently to the charity shop and we've had another collection bag through the door. Today I have filled a very large box with videos and clothes for the air ambulance charity shop. It'll be collected tomorrow. It makes me feel so good to be rid of unnecessary possessions, decluttering stuff does really declutter the mind. I am definitely succeeding in this area. I have changed...gradually the hoarder in me is disappearing! The house is so much easier to clean too!

Back tomorrow with my meal plan. Thanks for reading,

Mandy x


  1. I keep on top of repairs to clothes and hubby makes sure I don't run out. I also do some jobs for neighbours who then help by cat feeding and being another pair of hands with building jobs.we live in a small village.Wish I could get rid of stuff though I always think IT may come in usefulso put it back in a box.

    1. I still battle with thinking that stuff will be needed one day but I then think about how easily I can get in a mess! X

  2. Hi Mandy,
    looking forward to the meal plans.
    I didn't find any bargains at the bootsale, only a pair of genuine "flossy" pumps in nearly new condition for £1. I didn't try them on as I had Ugg type boots and socks on as the weather hadn't been too good the night before and the majority of it is on fields so I usually wear my boots even if its warm to save ruining other shoes. the pumps are a size 4 which I can fit into and as they had been slightly worn thought they would fit but they must be a small fitting so are slightly tight but they will probably stretch when I've worn them a few times.
    I didn't make my soup yesterday instead I had a jacket potato with some Smartprice value prawns from the freezer and a bit of mayo mixed in.
    My breaktime snack today at work was cheese and cherry tomato sarnie toasted in my toaster bag.
    I still haven't done any shopping and packed lunches for hubby are getting a bit harder to make as im running out of tinned meats and fish. I will have to give in and go at some point but I am trying to use up as much as I can from my store cupboard.
    take care, jane

    1. What are flossy pumps Jane? I love prawns, that sounds lovely...but they're so expensive aren't they.
      I am really trying to reduce my grocery shopping but could do a lot better yet! Xx