Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Top Tips Tuesday...

Hi everyone,

One area that we need to consider is our energy consumption. The gas bill is lower during the warmer months, but our electric bill is still too high. The bill shows that we have reduced since this time last year, but we need to do a lot more! 

There are some things that I already do that I've already mentioned...laundry and cooking, but a couple of other things to think about are...

1). Lights - we only light the rooms we are in. We have lamps and use candles in the winter (up high obviously). Every room has energy saving bulbs too.

2). Switch off appliances - I used to leave things on standby but not any more (every penny counts) and make sure the washing machine is turned off as soon as it's finished. The red light flashes to tell me it's done, so this must be costing something! I make use of my cheaper electric at night so can't always turn it off instantly though. 

3). Be really conscious of how much the kettle is boiled - I am at home all day with Daisy, but I only boil what I need.

4). Think about how to use the cooker less - as I've said before...I use the top (stove) when I can, rather than the oven, when the oven is needed, I fill it up and I use my steamer so I use less rings for veg. I am always aware of his much electric a cooker uses.

5). Use elbow grease when you can - I own a dyson, a food mixer, bread maker etc, but I don't always need to use them! I am able to sweep the floor and beat a cake mixture or knead some dough. The choice is there.

Do you have any tips to share on energy saving? I have more but I only want to share five at a time so I don't run out too quickly!

Thanks for reading, 

Mandy x


  1. Great tips, Mandy. Your're right, every little bit helps. xx

  2. I love using a broom instead of a vacuum too!

  3. I have a long haired dog who moults a lot, so sweep the stone floor 2/3 times a day always use a steamer to do veg. our peeling are steamed at the same time for the dog who only eats raw meat with veg.But am not good at filling the oven else I know I would end up eating to much cake. though tonight I made Beany Shepherds Pie which will do tomorrow too. Also put some mix up for the freezer. I also boil kettle for washing dishes. and only put enough water in to make coffee

    1. I boil the kettle to wash up too if the immersion hasn't been on x

  4. We have a one cup water boiler so never boil too much water. Not sure if cheaper but it's great!

  5. I use the microwave more recently for cooking my veggies rather than the electric hob. Love reading your ways of saving money

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