Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Top Tips Tuesday...

Hi everyone,

A later post today because I try to get my jobs done around the house first thing while it's not too hot. It's been a scorcher here again today and I've just finished my ironing. Tea is cooking so I thought I'd do this post quickly before we eat.

It's top tips Tuesday and I'm going to talk about the garden and growing. I am no gardener, but I'm learning!

1). Grow your own...I have had successes and fails here, but strawberries have worked really well in our garden. I bought some mesh netting to keep out the snails and birds, but we've been lucky and only a few nibbles. They were a little sour but lovely with cream or ice-cream!

2). Use your kitchen windowsill...I grow the living lettuce bought from asda and my fresh herbs (parsley and coriander at the moment) on the windowsill. 

3). Composting...our council takes away all good waste, but we do have two compost bins in our garden. You can throw on all potato and vegetable peelings, tea bags, egg shells etc and use it on the garden.

4). Tidy the garden up (fencing)...we are saving up for new fencing but we have just painted the old fence before to keep it looking fresh and tidy. The wood preserver/stain can be quite expensive, so we wait until it's on offer somewhere. You can even pick it up at the supermarket!

5). Tidy the garden up (patio)...our patio was filthy! Luckily my son has just invested in a power washer and he cleaned it for us, but we don't own one ourselves. Another way to clean it is elbow grease! I've used a scrubbing brush and hot soapy water and thus brings the slabs up well.

Has anyone else been tidying up the garden?

Thanks for reading,

Mandy x


  1. when I first started composting I put egg shells and tea bags in whole, now I open up the bags and break up the eggs. as I found they didn't rot down. I have been gardening for 40yrs and still learning.I lost lots of my fruit to slugs [strawberries] and birds[ redcurrants and blackcurrants] we have had a bee hive moved into our tool shed.need to get rid of it.

    1. That's good advice Phyllis, thank you x