Thursday, 24 July 2014

Thrifty Thursday...

Hi everyone

This week I have done all my normal thrifty things, but I have also made the best of a bad situation. I accidentally knocked a tray  of eggs off the worktop when I was putting the shopping away. I had to make a cake out of the cracked eggs straight away (baking was not my priority at that point) so they weren't wasted. I would have used the eggs to bake, but when I decided to! 

Daisy has decided that she hates bibs now. She isn't really a messy eater but obviously I will protect her clothes where I can. I have saved a couple for the really messy dinners like spag bol, but the others have been recycled...

I cut out the pretty patterns to use for a craft project and thought about what to do with the rest.

They are now rags for cleaning! I hate throwing things in the bin as you know.

We were kindly given a home grown cabbage by a farmer that hubby is working for at the moment...

Home grown tastes so much better and if was free!

Talking of veg, I had some rather wrinkled  carrots and broccoli that wouldn't last much longer in the fridge. The meal plan was for beans with our meal, but I changed it to use these up...

I'm always aware of what needs using up.

I hope you're all having a good week and thanks for reading.

Mandy x

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